Learn about yourself and about others and be in a position where you can influence the direction of your life. This is about understanding yourself and being the best you possible!


What is Coaching?

The term ‘coaching’ can be found virtually anywhere that people are trained, developed and/or helped towards improving performance, and achieving success and fulfillment. The most common type of coach likely being a sports coach.

Many types of coaching have been differentiated based on the environment and circumstances in which you find yourself. Some examples are executive coaching, life coaching, and career coaching which imply a different skill set provided by the coach to assist the coachee in goal attainment.

Coaching ideally helps a person to find his/her own solutions, rather than prescribing a solution from the coach’s viewpoint. Coaching generally looks forward significantly more than it analyzes the past. Please note: Coaching is not therapy. Although I have the skill set to assess and analyze an individual my goal is to focus on the present, not the past. You have goals to accomplish and my aim is to help you reach those goals….based on what you value. This has nothing to do with me and ALL to do with you. I am merely here to help you align what you want and how you can achieve it.

Leadership/Developmental Coaching

  • Would you like to enhance your ability to influence others with complete confidence?
  • Would you like to recognize your strengths and blind spots so you can work on becoming a stronger leader?
  • When in tense situations with others, would you like to be able to shift skillfully to move beyond the tension and into progress?
  • Would you like to create clarity around what you want to create and how you strategically make that happen?
  • When working with others, would you like to recognize how you come across and shift accordingly to engage them in a way that they feel you are listening?

Leadership coaching can help you in many facets of your life. The work here is about becoming more aware of your own natural style of leadership. Not everyone leads in the same fashion. If I were to ask you where you learned how to lead, I would get varying responses.  Each response, however, indicates that we decide what makes a great leader and then we attach to it. We use this style over and over and it becomes our “go to” style.  Historically, we use these facets of leadership as our everyday language, even when we find resistance from those we are trying to engage.

Are you willing to explore your leadership style more closely to grow to an even stronger influencer? The answer is in the letting go of your own beliefs of what is the “right way”…only for a moment. By letting go of the strong grasp you have on certain beliefs you allow for a multitude of other possibilities that address the same situation.

By exploring your own habits and recognizing the outcomes of what you want to accomplish you can align more closely how and what it is you want to influence. Coaching is a process and if you want to grow the process is worth every penny.

Life Coaching

Do you find yourself thinking any of the following?

  • My life is not going well right now…
  • I’m losing. Every move I make is making things worse and worse…
  • If only I had the time to change course I would
  • If only life were easier. Why can’t I just get a break??
  • I’m stuck in a rut that I just wish I could change.
  • If only I had the motivation to change it I would….
  • I’m not really feeling fulfilled…feels like it’s the same thing over and over
  • I’m running out of time.

I do have some great news for you. YOU CAN CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE. The lives we own have been created by many years of choices we’ve made. Every experience we have is coupled with a choice. Sometimes we choose a path that leads us into a direction we don’t always expect. And then we have to choose again. Life is essentially a journey of choices.  When we choose we also embody certain feelings, such as “this is a great choice. I feel confident” or “why did I do that? I’m so dumb”. How we choose to experience becomes our pattern after time and can sometimes make us or break us. Coaching helps you recognize those patterns and allows for the space to undo the habits we sometimes get stuck in.

I have worked with teens and adults for over 20 years who were experiencing doubts just like the ones I mentioned above. Many have been able to make the choice to change their lives for the better. It’s not hard, just uncomfortable at times.

I will tell you this: IF YOU TRULY WANT TO CHANGE, YOU CAN. It takes effort on your part but I can provide the environment and skills to help you work into a much more fulfilling life.  That I can assure you.  Patterns can be changed if you truly want them to.