Learn about yourself and about others and be in a position where you can influence the direction of your life. This is about understanding yourself and being the best you possible!


907537-small-150x150[1]I am well versed in the business world. I have been hired to create visions from the ground up. I have put systems in place and refined processes until they functioned to do what they were meant to do….continuous process improvement.  I know what LEAN is all about and have participated in many value stream mapping projects and gemba walks…enough to be dangerous.

I am highly skilled in business planning and goal setting, and understand all the headaches that go into the execution phase of a dream. The world of business is all about systems that are functioning simultaneously so that one system interacts effectively with another.  And when one domino is off target, the rest of the dominos don’t necessarily fall the way they are supposed to.

As the creator, you are expected to identify the dominos, and then keep tabs on all the dominos in play to ensure it functions effectively for proper implementation and execution.  To dialogue more about how I can help, contact me at (704) 441-2726.


Effective Communication is imperative for any successful outcome. Without effective lines of communication you can anticipate breakdowns in execution. Unfortunately, we often let our personal feelings interfere with communication among peers.

  • Are your teammates having a hard time communicating?
  • Do they understand and appreciate one another’s diversity of communication styles?
  • Would your teammates benefit from understanding effective ways of influencing?
  • Do you have certain personalities on your team creating undue tension?
  • Are your teammates on the same page?

Team Performance comes in stages. The energy/success of a team is predicated on whether certain stages are worked through effectively.  Do not expect to have successful outcomes if the early stages such as trust building or goal clarification are not resolved. The energy of a team shifts as new players and personalities are introduced.

  • Is your vision clear and do you feel it has been shared down without getting filtered?
  • Are you meeting your departmental goals?
  • Can your team perform better? Do they need a boost in their performance?
  • If asked, can your teammates clearly define your top 5 goals to and how to execute them?
  • Do you find your team is having side conversations about each other?
  • Are you concerned about the level of trust among your teammates?
  • Have you had added new teammates which has impacted the dynamics of the team?

Effective Execution is enhanced only by following a clear mission and vision. Oftentimes, as an organization grows, we lose sight of our vision and mission in lieu of making sure our daily operations are met. Let’s discuss what you and your teammates need in order to stay on your true north.