Learn about yourself and about others and be in a position where you can influence the direction of your life. This is about understanding yourself and being the best you possible!

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What does it mean to be the best you can be? Whether you’re a teen, adult, executive, or any other role you play in this crazy world, it takes getting to understand yourself better and going from there. We are exactly where we need to be in order to move through life’s challenges and grow.  In life, we either feel positive or negative emotions and responses that guide the next choices we make next. With every situation, we get to choose where to go next. Understanding what we want and what our being is telling us is critical in making the next move.

Let’s face it…we’re all messed up in some way, shape or form. That’s the great thing about being human. Nobody is perfect so we can be okay in knowing we are perfectly imperfect. It’s when we start to recognize we’re not happy that we can choose to do something about it. My background in leadership and influence, team dynamics, and clinical counseling has afforded me some critical skills that I use to help others be okay with where they are and where they want to go.  I love the work I do. I help teens and adults (both in everyday life and in corporate cultures) move beyond their “stuckness” to wonderful possibilities they’ve created for themselves.