Learn about yourself and about others and be in a position where you can influence the direction of your life. This is about understanding yourself and being the best you possible!


Trainings specific to you and your team’s dynamics can be custom made that will allow an opportunity for every participant in attendance to gain greater understanding not only of the team’s dynamics but also a deeper awareness of what they contribute to the team.

Topics include:

  • Vision Journey: Do you have a clear vision? Where did it come from and what is your plan for implementation?
  • Goal Alignment: Building clarity around goals is the first step to effective execution. Workshop is designed to create alignment amongst teammates.
  • Styles of Influence: Everybody has a certain style of influence. Why is it important for you to understand yours?
  • Engagement: Push or pull? Which one are you? Effective methods of team engagement
  • High Performing Teams: Each team has a growth process. Where are you in the process and what is getting in the way of elevating your performance?
  • Effective Communication: By utilizing standardized behavioral assessments and lengthy dialogue, teammates will learn how they present in the real world and what impact they have on the team process.
  • Servant Leadership: Learn how servant leadership mirrors customer service and implement quick strategies to positively impact your culture.
  • It’s all about Perspective: Spend time understanding how your preconceived ideas can be your biggest barriers to success. This session is an interactive practice in managing expectations and utilizing effective communication.


Please reach out to discuss your needs: (704)441-2726.