Learn about yourself and about others and be in a position where you can influence the direction of your life. This is about understanding yourself and being the best you possible!

Who I am


I’LMS070514EM1-3424ve been in the business world for over 20 years, doing things such as developing programs from the bottom up, putting systems and processes in place, and leading teams to success. I’ve been sought out for my talents and hired to make others’ dreams a reality. It has been a road and I take pride in knowing I’ve been successful. I often say “the only thing I have is my integrity at the end of the day” and this is what I hang my hat on. I believe in giving 100% to everything I’ve worked toward and my career shows this. I am ready to pass my learnings onto others.

There’s another side to my work. I received my masters in professional counseling many years ago and have done several years of private practice off and on. I do this because I truly love helping others find their passion. Many people have come to me in states of “stuckness”, feeling they are not where they want to be and seeking assistance. We all get there at times and we all need someone to bounce things off of. As a human being, this ability to connect with others has been a highlight of my life. What better than to have someone ask you for help getting through times of question?

I share this with you to say this: As a leader you too will get stuck at times. You’ll want to make things move forward but find that there is some sort of tension…or stress. You’ll have a point where the tension is more than you want. And all you might need is someone that can “get your world” to bounce ideas off. I have faith that I can be that person.