Learn about yourself and about others and be in a position where you can influence the direction of your life. This is about understanding yourself and being the best you possible!

What’s in it for you

Being in the executive world for many years I’ve come across very effective leaders…and not so effective leaders. I’ve seen goals be set and expectations set that goals should be met no matter what the cost, often resulting in increased levels of stress, burnout, and ultimately goals being missed.  Can you think of a colleague or friend who is challenged from the stressors of leading a team in a high demand environment? Perhaps you have a friend that vents to you about his/her work…Sounds familiar?

I’ve also seen and experienced the varied levels of healthy teams and what transpires when teams don’t take the time to periodically assess their own health. The process of team dynamics is complex and one which needs constant attention due to the various personalities involved.  Perhaps teamwork begins strong and everyone puts in 100% for the first little while. The momentum then subsides and you recognize not everyone is as motivated as they once were when you started the project.  What happened?  Why did the momentum slow down and how did you respond?


Both of these scenarios are real to the business world and if I ask you to ponder who might be dealing with this currently, how many names can you come up with? Have these scenarios become the norm?

Foster your competencies and find continuous growth for you and your teammates so that the scenarios above are not happening in your world. You can’t afford to let your world become more stressful because it not only impacts your business world. The stressed out you is what goes home to be with your loved ones.