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Looking Through the Lens of an Amateur Photographer…Lessons on Life

365Walking through the woods with camera in hand, I carefully and step looking at the ground for sprigs of spring to surface underneath my feet. As I look toward the left, I see families of mushrooms growing out from under the dirt surrounding the oak trees. Brilliance of red and purple fungus and small flowers bursting from the life coming out to greet the first warm days of the year.

Focus…this slowness of pace allows me to take in this world presented to me right beneath my feet.

When people ask me what it is that I love about photography I always say the same thing. Looking through the lens of a camera allows me to look at the world from a completely different perspective. It pushes me to slow down and focus…Focus on the small things I would not normally witness…or appreciate. The ugliest of rotting wood offers new ripples and textures and new life growing from it…if I only take time to look deeper.

Looking at the ground, I witness small vines finding their way through holes in the damp leaves showing its newly open flower to the sun. The subtle beauty of nature reminds me of the resiliency of life. Despite the obstacles, the vine finds its way up with a simplicity that we often fear in our own lives. With a resiliency like that, it reminds me that anything is possible. Focus simply allows me to appreciate.

Funny to think about the word FOCUS. When talking about goal setting, we tend to say “what we focus on we create”. When talking about sports we talk about focusing on the target, the ball, the net, etc. When we talk about relationships, we talk about “paying attention”. Try to hammer a nail without focusing.  I dare you. The ability to Focus can enrich every aspect of your life if you allow it to.

In order to build your own reality Focus is the best recommendation I can offer. Although you may be pulled by distractions, stop, slow yourself down, and re-evaluate.  What do you see? What do you want? How can you direct the energy of your life back to what you envisioned in the first place?

As spring begins to unfold, I’ve dusted off my old camera, taken a deep breath, and begun to step out each morning to watch my Japanese maple, one year stronger, reach toward the sky.

Focus on what’s important. Whether you are a parent, work with patients, are in a position of leadership, a carpenter, or even an amateur photographer, focus will allow you to hone in and appreciate what’s right in front of you. You may be missing something.

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